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Your smile defines your confidence!


We truly care about the aesthetic of your smile, and we know how defining it is for your the confidence and self-esteem.

It’s important for us to know your expectations and objectives, adjusting the treatments to your measure, ensuring quality and durability.

The clinic


Our mission of excellence results from our daily work based on our values.


Freinds of your smile. We are a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals.


We built a space thinking of the confort and well-being of our clients..


We have partnerships  with several institutions so that you can enjoy our services with the best conditions.

Satisfied patients

  • “Os profissionais que cá trabalham estão atentos às novidades que há, e sabem apresentar ao cliente opções, que permitem escolher, balancear a opção mais moderna, aquela que vai trazer mais qualidade no final.”

    Luís Lopes
    Luís Lopes
    Delegado de informação médica
  • A qualidade do serviço é excelente, o doutor é extremamente simpático, faz-nos sentir em casa.

    A sua equipe é bastante profissional e espero contar com ele ainda durante muitos anos!

    José Pena
    José Pena
  • É um grande investimento que se faz, portanto temos de sentir confiança e segurança num núcleo onde há simpatia, onde há profissionalismo, e sinto que é um caminho que vai ser muito bem acompanhado pelo Dr. Pedro Coelho e toda a clínica.

    Mafalda Arnauth
    Mafalda Arnauth

Dr.  Pedro Coelho Clinic

Each person we care for is a unique and special individual and so we treat him/her as a whole.

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Our services in the clinic

Love yourself, spread your smile

Our perfectionism is a means to achieve our mission: that each one finds in his/her genuine, healthy, beautiful and contagious smile in our clinic. We value people, and work according to the principles of Integrity, Ethics and Transparency.

Smile, you are in good hands

SMAPPY® Smile and be Happy

Children are very important to us. We know the importance of a correct dental care from an early age, creating hygene habits for future health. We like to see them happy and healthy, so we created the Smappy® world, with treatments suited for their ages and needs. At the Dr. Pedro Coelho Clinic, going to the dentist is a joy!

Complementary therapies

At the Dr. Pedro Coelho Clinic we see people with a lot of affection and as a whole. That’s why we have the most prestigious complementary theraphies, with highly qualified and experinced professionals, fot not only a beautiful but also happy smile, through the balance of the mind, body and spirit.

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