Oral Rehabilitation

Through multidisciplinarity it is possible to return and restore function, health and aesthetics simultaneously.



With the advanced techniques and laboratory resources available, it is possible to perform various dental treatments at each visit to the clinic in order to optimize and avoid constant consultation and unnecessary time loss. For example, patients who come from outside the country or live far from Lisbon can thus be treated in our clinic in short periods of time.

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Unlike Facets, the crowns completely enclose the teeth. The aesthetics of this type of dental crown is superior to that of the metal-ceramic crown. The light crosses the whole crown which gives it greater depth and naturalness. The crowns are mostly placed on devitalized teeth and with a large deficit of remaining dental structure.

Traditionally, the full crowns contained a metal (dark) inner core that was ceramic coated. This conditioned the aesthetics that could be obtained and frequently, with the passage of the years, the limit of the metal showed a dark line next to the gum.

Nowadays, with the crowns, we use “metal-free” techniques, making the whole ceramic crown (white), allowing us to achieve unmatched immediate and long-term aesthetic results with identical strength and durability.

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Biomimetics is an area of ​​science that aims to study biological structures and their functions. Looking to learn from nature and imitating it, bringing to our day-to-day its advantages. Biomimetic rehabilitation is an approach that completely revolutionizes oral rehabilitation and dental aesthetics. The advantages are immense especially in terms of aesthetics, durability and preservation of dental structure.

We practice a conservative and minimally invasive approach.

Conservative because we have as main objective to preserve, whenever possible, the tooth.

Minimally invasive because, in the treatments, we limit the wear of the dental structure to the minimum necessary, and there may even be no wear.

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Unitary Crowns, Bridges with various elements, Crowns and Bridges on Implants.

Indications: Teeth very destroyed, Replacement of missing teeth, Replacement of old and / or unaesthetic crowns, Severe trauma, Occlusal changes

The crowns completely enclose the teeth. They are mainly placed in devitalized teeth and with a great deficit of remaining dental structure, allowing to aesthetically protect these fragile teeth, maintaining their function and increasing their durability.

The fixed bridges allow to eliminate dental absences, by means of the elaboration of a structure constituted by several Crowns, in which some (usually, the normals, the extremes), are based on the neighboring teeth (Pillars) to the edentulous spaces, and others are suspended (Pontic ) in place of missing teeth.

The Crowns and Bridges can also be supported by Implants, rather than teeth. The Crowns on Implants can be screwed directly to the Implants or cemented on a structure, that yes, bolted to the Implant.


This innovative technique consists of making a porcelain structure that will be adhered to the tooth, replacing the lost dental structure and complementing the remaining dental structure. It is a safer and more durable alternative than extensive resin reconstruction. It can also be a great alternative, more conservative, to the total Crowns.


The prosthesis is based on the replacement of lost teeth, so that the person can return to eating, chewing and performing their normal functions, recovering harmony and facial beauty and rejuvenating the appearance. Removable Prostheses can be:

Complete – when they replace all the teeth of a jaw
Partials – when they replace only a few missing teeth
Acrylic – when it consists mainly of pink acrylic resin (it can have hooks or metal reinforcement)
Skeletal – when it is formed mostly by a metal skeleton, to which gums and acrylic teeth are added.

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  • “Os profissionais que cá trabalham estão atentos às novidades que há, e sabem apresentar ao cliente opções, que permitem escolher, balancear a opção mais moderna, aquela que vai trazer mais qualidade no final.”

    Luís Lopes
    Luís Lopes
    Delegado de informação médica
  • A qualidade do serviço é excelente, o doutor é extremamente simpático, faz-nos sentir em casa.

    A sua equipe é bastante profissional e espero contar com ele ainda durante muitos anos!

    José Pena
    José Pena
  • É um grande investimento que se faz, portanto temos de sentir confiança e segurança num núcleo onde há simpatia, onde há profissionalismo, e sinto que é um caminho que vai ser muito bem acompanhado pelo Dr. Pedro Coelho e toda a clínica.

    Mafalda Arnauth
    Mafalda Arnauth